A positive influence on people and the planet

At Hermans Energy Solutions, we are passionate about positively impacting people, communities and the world around us. Our desire to do good is shown in the next-level solar solutions that shape a better future for us all. However, our work doesn’t stop there.

Our people at the heart

It is our people who are at the heart of Hermans Energy Solutions. To take care of Herman’s heart, we take care of theirs. We have a Hart Voor de Zaak partnership, which supports us to inspire employees to keep their hearts healthy and strong. Through the partnership, our team receives a discount on a Personal Health Check and a vitality package. We also share valuable information about heart health and how to respond in case of a cardiac arrest, stroke or heart attack. Not only does this help our employees but also the community around them.

Supporting the next generation of professional cyclists

We sponsor the Ridley-Hermans Development Team, a cycling team for U17 and U19 kids. Young riders and their passion for cycling are supported by this close-knit team. The Ridley-Hermans Development Team is an initiative of cycling fan Edwald Martijn from Zeeland. Martijn recognised how talented young cyclists in the region had to leave the province to fulfil their ambitions.


Thanks to our support, the Ridley-Hermans Development Team can offer the necessary facilities and a robust competition schedule to help the next generation of riders succeed. Hermans Energy Solutions is proud to super-charge the dreams of young cyclists.

Wild about animal conservation

We’re committed to sustainability, not just for people but for wildlife too. We love animals, and that’s why we support Diergaarde Blijdorp, Rotterdam Zoo. We have adopted camels at the facility. Adoption contributes to the well-being and upkeep of animals, as well as the conservation and protection of the natural environment. With the Bronze adoption package, we help the zoo to introduce as many people as possible to camels and other animals.