Together we create a sustainable future

Hermans Energy Solutions

We are committed to providing the global construction industry with sustainable technologies to improve building methods and reduce environmental impact. All of this is achieved by reducing our energy requirements and utilising natural heat, light and power to sustainably support developments.

Our Divisions

Who is Hermans?

Hermans Energy Solutions has a profound and unshakable belief in designing, manufacturing and installing products that positively impact a project and its surroundings.

Our Values

Each of our products has a unique selling point. However, the most important feature they all share is quality. And while we work with a high-end product range, our team is what makes the difference. For every enquiry, we select the correct type of product in close consultation, checking the production, logistical and stock possibilities, before building a project plan.

At the core of our business is our belief in sustainability. It is the reason behind every product and business decision we make. We believe in sustainable construction and we have products to support that.


We have been established for over 30 years. Over that time we have forged longstanding relationships with clients and sectors and have become the basis of design for many new projects due to our delivery, quality, and technology track record.


We have developed a portfolio of products that offer unrivalled, sustainable performance. Encircling our products is a turnkey team to ensure projects are delivered effectively and efficiently.

Our World

A positive influence on people and the planet

At Hermans Enery Solution, we are passionate about positively impacting people, communities and the world around us. Our desire to do good is shown in the nest-level solar solutions that shape a better future for us all. However, out work doesn’t stop there.

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